About Bont

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: Using AI data-driven technology to empower sales teams to focus on the right customers and substantially increase their conversion rates.

Empowering Sales Teams With AI

At Bont, we’re dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of sales reps, managers, and business leaders. Our disruptive approach is the first technology to provide real-time insights to drive sales and improve customer engagement enhanced with AI technology.

The People Behind Bont

Dennis Teichmann

Dennis Teichmann Dennis grew a SaaS HR Tech software with a sales-led growth approach to 600+ clients and exited to a strategic investor. He developed an own scoring methodology, which is an integral part of the Bont technology.

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Nik Peric

Nik Peric Nik has grown and led high-performing software and SaaS teams for over 10 years. In this time, he developed a behavioural AI model to score response quality in surveys and is now applying his expertise to Bont.

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Neha Gupta

Neha Gupta Neha has over 10 years scaling B2B SaaS Sales Team in the US and EU markets. In a previous life, she was the sales head at Wingman, and one of the first hires, which was acquired by CLARI. She is now applying her expertise at Bont.

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Join the Revolution

With Bont, transform your sales strategy and achieve better results, faster. Join us and redefine sales success.