Convert trials into customers

With Bont, turn product & communication data into closed deals

Elevate Trial Conversions with AI-Driven Insights

Incorporate your product usage insights directly into your CRM

Deal Scoring

How the magic works

Product Usage Data

Select product features to monitor during trial. Receive AI recommendations on features to add or remove

Communication Data

Bring all your CRM communications in one place, analysed for sentiment and engagement

Account Executive Confidence

Empower your sales reps to use their experience with a confidence score stored in your CRM

Seamless integrations with

Or manually integrate direct with our API


Plans that scale with you


€49 /mo

(per seat)

  • CRM and product analytics data integration
  • Deal score algorithm config
  • Individual deal score
  • Detailed deal view
  • Basic reporting



€79 /mo

(per seat)

  • Startup +
  • Deal portfolio forecast
  • Advanced reporting
  • AI Insights
  • Alerts and workflows


€149 /mo

(per seat)

  • Advanced +
  • Custom alerts
  • Full email automation
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Playbook management


Contact us for pricing

  • Available on request. Professional +
  • Individual onboarding
  • Custom integration management
  • Custom requests

Return on investment

Bont pays off from the first month

I have 10 sales employees
1 100
Productivity will increase by 5%
1% 20%
Conversion rate will increase by 2%
1% 10%
Annual contract value closed per month is 10M
100K 100M

Assuming 7.5K per sales employee monthly
Calculated using the annual Advanced plan